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Stories by Zach Miners

Facebook buys speech translation software company

Facebook is acquiring a company that specializes in speech interpretation and translation software. The move, disclosed Monday, could help Facebook better connect its users across the globe.

Written by Zach Miners12 Aug. 13 23:31

McKinsey beats Google, Facebook for having the toughest interviews

Job candidates seeking employment at consulting firm McKinsey & Company better prepare themselves -- it ranked as the toughest company to interview at in a recent report, well ahead of big-name technology players like Google, Microsoft and Facebook.

Written by Zach Miners09 Aug. 13 15:05

Google adds more advertising to Maps app

Users of the Google Maps app will soon start seeing more ways to interact with paid content within the app, the company recently announced.

Written by Zach Miners08 Aug. 13 22:22