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Stories by Zach Miners

Super intelligent machines spawned by AI? Execs aren't worried

It's the premise of many science fiction novels and movies: Super-intelligent robot machines that can outsmart humans, if not terminate them entirely. But the prospect doesn't exactly frighten some of today's experts in the field.

Written by Zach Miners27 Aug. 15 10:05

Facebook's M blends AI assists with human help

When it comes to questions asked online, which ones are best handled by a machine, and which ones require human intervention? Facebook thinks it can perform the triage with M, its new personal digital assistant.

Written by Zach Miners27 Aug. 15 00:20

Slack releases 'Add to Slack' button for other apps

The startup has launched a new feature that lets other companies integrate their sites and apps into Slack, by placing a button in their own apps called "Add to Slack."

Written by Zach Miners25 Aug. 15 23:11

Google now displaying tweets in desktop search

A partnership between Google and Twitter that began displaying tweets in Google search results on mobile devices has been expanded to the desktop.

Written by Zach Miners21 Aug. 15 22:11

Google to update tools for students and teachers

Google plans to unveil changes to its suite of products and services for students, teachers and other working professionals at an event on Sept. 2.

Written by Zach Miners20 Aug. 15 23:18

Another Uber driver sues, claiming unpaid wages

A California man who drives for Uber has sued the company in federal court, claiming he's owed unpaid wages under the federal Fair Labor Standards Act.

Written by Zach Miners19 Aug. 15 03:03