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Stories by Zach Miners

Facebook allows edits for typos and botched auto-corrects

The first draft of anything is terrible, Ernest Hemingway once said (though in slightly more colorful language). Facebook is applying some similar thinking and allowing users to edit their posts.

Written by Zach Miners26 Sept. 13 23:09

Google turns 15 and celebrates by smartening up search

Google is now 15 years old, and the company is celebrating by smartening up its bread-and-butter technology, search, and adding new features such as comparisons and filters.

Written by Zach Miners26 Sept. 13 21:50

Sudan comes back online after 24-hour Internet blackout

Sudan has regained access to the Internet after a nearly 24-hour blackout that may have been a government-directed response to violent rioting in the country over lifted fuel subsidies.

Written by Zach Miners26 Sept. 13 17:52

Sudan loses Internet access, government may be to blame

Connectivity to one of three major international ISPs in Sudan has been restored, following reports that the government may be responsible for cutting off the country's access amid riots over the lifting of fuel subsidies.

Written by Zach Miners25 Sept. 13 20:23

Twitter tries 'magic' to keep users in the know

Didn't catch that tweet all your friends were talking about? Twitter wants you to see it next time, using a new feature that will notify you of tweets and contacts that Twitter thinks you'll want to know about.

Written by Zach Miners24 Sept. 13 23:57

Meet the new LinkedIn, now also for career-focused teens

Forget the older crowd. LinkedIn now wants to help teenagers get into college and find a good job, in a strategy shift that analysts said could eventually pay off for the company.

Written by Zach Miners24 Sept. 13 23:32

Memo to Pinterest: Go ahead with those ads, but be careful

Pinterest already makes nice with outside businesses to better connect them with its site, but the social network is now thinking about consummating that relationship with promotional content.

Written by Zach Miners20 Sept. 13 12:06

Going public gives Twitter a sustainable future, analysts say

The days of shrugging off Twitter may soon be over. Some 200 million users strong, the site is already one of the most prominent social networks, but going public could give it the muscle to become the next Facebook or Apple, one analyst said.

Written by Zach Miners12 Sept. 13 23:59

Twitter files for IPO

Twitter announced -- on Twitter, of course -- that the company has filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission for an initial public offering.

Written by Zach Miners12 Sept. 13 22:03