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Stories by Zach Miners

Report: Twitter might go public on Nov. 15

File this one under oops -- Twitter may have inadvertently revealed, at an earlier point, its plans to go public on Nov. 15, according to a recent PrivCo report.

Written by Zach Miners10 Oct. 13 02:01

Twitter appears to have dodged Facebook's mobile problem

Twitter has fewer users and less revenue than Facebook, but in mobile advertising Twitter appears to have dodged the problems that dragged down Facebook's stock after its public offering last year.

Written by Zach Miners04 Oct. 13 00:56

Instagram says ads are on the way

Ads are coming to Instagram in the next couple of months, the photo- and video-sharing app maker said Thursday.

Written by Zach Miners03 Oct. 13 23:37

More NSA leaks to come, Guardian says

The flood of stories on government spying will not be slowing soon -- in fact the majority of the most important documents detailing how the U.S. National Security Agency collects personal data have not been published yet, journalists from U.K. newspaper The Guardian said on Tuesday.

Written by Zach Miners01 Oct. 13 21:10