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Stories by Zach Miners

Twitter buys MoPub, a mobile-focused ad exchange

Twitter has acquired MoPub, a mobile-focused advertising exchange that could help the social network grow its ad business as more users move away from the desktop.

Written by Zach Miners09 Sept. 13 23:24

Facebook and Parse started talking in 2011, Parse's CEO says

Facebook has laid out big plans in recent months to simplify the app development process by acquiring Parse. But the social network actually had its eye on the cloud service company for years, and at one point the two considered a different partnership.

Written by Zach Miners06 Sept. 13 00:21

Topsy wants to become the Google of Twitter search

Searching through Twitter's archive of tweets can be frustrating -- they are sorted on the site by Twitter's own algorithms, and older tweets tend to get buried. Google? Forget it. Topsy, an analytics company, wants to do it better.

Written by Zach Miners04 Sept. 13 19:53

Unexpected, yes, but Google's KitKat marketing may get the word out

Google's decision to name its new Android mobile OS KitKat left some people scratching their heads Tuesday -- isn't that someone else's trademark? -- but the move could raise awareness about the new software, which could be just what Google needs, one analyst said.

Written by Zach Miners04 Sept. 13 11:46

Microsoft takes aim at Google with Nokia's mapping products

Microsoft wants to build a better mobile phone through its acquisition of Nokia's mobile phone business. One way it hopes to do that? By improving its maps applications to better compete against Google's.

Written by Zach Miners03 Sept. 13 20:17

Yahoo aims for consistency with site redesign

Yahoo has redesigned its Sports, Movies, Music, TV, omg, Games and Weather sites with a more consistent look and some personalized tools, the company said Tuesday.

Written by Zach Miners27 Aug. 13 20:58