30 September 2019
In this decade of digital disruption, IT leaders across Australia and New Zealand cite digital transformation as their organisation’s number one ICT challenge. But what does success look like for a CIO who has taken on the challenge and won the battle to get core business applications in the cloud? How do you get your business to the other side of disruption – efficiently and effectively? Join CIO Australia and DXC Technology for this exclusive webcast, ‘Getting to the other side of digital disruption’ where you’ll hear from experts who will provide advice on how to deal with the technological and cultural challenges of transformation and what to expect on the other side. This webcast features a presentation from Grant Taylor, chief digital officer, Gough Group and veteran of three successful application-led digital transformations undertaken in his roles as CIO/CDO for leading ANZ businesses.
13 December 2018
Slack is a collaboration hub. It connects people with the teams and apps they work with everyday, no matter where they are or what they do. With Slack you get real-time communication features like messaging and calls, a searchable index of all your files and conversations, and integrations with a growing number of handy bots and apps -all designed to make users more productive.
1 June 2017
Join CIO Australia and CA Technologies for this exclusive webcast, ‘Using APIs to unlock business value’, where we will uncover how organisations can take advantage of APIs when creating digital products and services.
24 March 2017
During the webinar, you’ll hear: Experts discuss the different pathways to migrating applications, and advise leaders not to look at transformation of applications to cloud as a one-time effort, but an ongoing optimisation of application architecture to take advantage of the efficiencies. The latest IDG study results, and its implications, which reveals more than 40 per cent of Australian businesses lack the internal expertise to implement cloud, and nearly 45 per cent have concerns about technical staff administration time to manage cloud services and OFX's customer case study, which sheds light on the benefits and challenges of the cloud migration journey.