The race for quantum-proof cryptography

Lawmakers briefed on quantum computing’s threat to encryption and the urgent need for mathematical research.

Written by Cynthia Brumfield10 Dec. 19 22:00

How to sell data and analytics to stakeholders

There’s an inherent need for data-driven business decision making, but linking this demand to specific business benefits and outcomes can be difficult

Written by Alan Duncan09 Dec. 19 06:30

Snake bites: Beware malicious Python libraries

Two Python libraries containing malicious code have been removed from the Python Package Index. Python’s official repository for third-party packages.

Written by Serdar Yegulalp06 Dec. 19 10:55

SD-WAN in 2020: 6 trends to look for

IT pros should look for better security, manageability and support but also check whether providers are likely to be acquired or close-up shop.

Written by Lee Doyle06 Dec. 19 10:46

Twitter makes global changes to comply with privacy laws

Social media companies including Facebook Inc and Alphabet Inc's Google have come under scrutiny on data privacy issues, fueled by Facebook's Cambridge Analytica scandal in which personal data were harvested from millions of users without their consent.

Written by Reuters03 Dec. 19 06:04

How to make the most of AWS re:invent 2019

This week thousands of technologists will descend on Las Vegas for one of the biggest technology conferences of the year, AWS re:invent.

Written by Scott Carey02 Dec. 19 14:15