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  • In Pictures: User guide to Windows 10

    If you’re going for an immediate upgrade to Windows 10 from your Windows 7 or Windows 8/8.1 computer, this guide will get you up to speed as quickly as possible.

    Written by Howard Wen29 July 15 08:28
  • EXCLUSIVE: Why Microsoft NZ is betting big on Windows 10

    Speaking to Computerworld NZ first on Windows 10, Frazer Scott, Marketing & Operations Director, Microsoft NZ explains why the new OS is ready and waiting for Kiwi businesses.

    Written by James Henderson04 June 15 06:48
  • Trying Windows 10 Tech Preview? Keep these 7 things in mind

    Microsoft has kicked off the Windows 10 public testing period, but the company wants the fearless enthusiasts willing to participate in the Insider Program to be aware of a number of things before they jump in.

    Written by Juan Carlos Perez02 Oct. 14 09:47
  • With Windows 10, a contrite Microsoft will try to atone for Windows 8 mistakes

    Humbled by businesses' dislike for Windows 8, Microsoft has issued a mea culpa, offered the world a first peek at Windows 10 and pledged that the new OS will delight IT executives. But the true test of whether Microsoft can move past its Windows 8 mistakes will come when Windows 10 is commercially released at some point next summer.

    Written by Juan Carlos Perez01 Oct. 14 09:47
Features about Windows 8
  • Why Windows 10 isn't the big leap forward Microsoft says it is

    As I wrote for Computerworld, Windows 10 has a lot to answer for – and it sets itself up for answering these questions in a big way by skipping a version number and jumping straight to 10 from 8.

    Written by Jonathan Hassell10 Oct. 14 00:18
  • How to prepare for Windows 8 even though it's not coming to enterprises

    Windows 8 won't be adopted as a standard at your business anytime soon, according to a new Forrester report. But that doesn't mean IT shouldn't prepare for it to sneak through the BYOD side door. Here are five ways to be ready for Windows 8.

    Written by Shane O'Neill20 May 13 20:08