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  • How to prepare for Windows 8 even though it's not coming to enterprises

    Windows 8 won't be adopted as a standard at your business anytime soon, according to a new Forrester report. But that doesn't mean IT shouldn't prepare for it to sneak through the BYOD side door. Here are five ways to be ready for Windows 8.

    Written by Shane O'Neill20 May 13 20:08
  • Windows 7: The Five Most Talked-About Features

    Windows 7 is proving a divisive subject even in its infancy. One example: Last week, reviews from CIO.com's sister sites, Computerworld and InfoWorld, offered radically different opinions about what Microsoft has in store for the successor of Windows Vista, expected to ship in early 2010.

    Written by Shane O'Neill06 July 09 13:18
  • Will Windows 7 Really Run on a Netbook?

    <a href="%E2%80%9Dhttp://www.cio.com/article/490592/My_Dream_Netbook_IT_Pros_Describe_the_Ideal_Device%E2%80%9D">Netbooks</a>, low-cost laptops originally designed for sale in countries with emerging economies, are becoming more popular in developed economies with consumers and business users who tend to use their own computers for work. Although these computers were initially offered with <a href="%E2%80%9Dhttp://www.cio.com/article/476421/Windows_on_Netbooks_Does_Linux_Stand_a_Chance_%E2%80%9D">Linux</a>, Windows XP has become an increasingly popular operating system option for netbooks, particularly given the conventional wisdom that they are not powerful enough to run Windows Vista. So what about using Windows 7 on a netbook? After using the beta on a netbook for a few weeks, it appears that Windows 7 is a workable OS for this class of computers.

    Written by Michael Cherry11 May 09 09:26
  • Does Microsoft Need to Ship Windows 7 in 2009?

    Microsoft officially says it will ship the Windows 7 operating system within three years of the January 2007 consumer release of Windows Vista. But speculation abounds that the software giant is gunning to ship halfway through 2009 to be on machines for the back-to-school and holiday seasons.

    Written by Shane O'Neill13 Nov. 08 11:51