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  • Chips coming by June will herald the next generation of Wi-Fi

    Qualcomm will start shipping sample chips for the next generation of Wi-Fi by June, helping device and network vendors develop products that might quadruple users’ speeds and lengthen battery life.

    Written by Stephen Lawson14 Feb. 17 12:57
  • This Wi-Fi alternative rides on LTE rails

    On Tuesday, the MulteFire Alliance announced MulteFire Release 1.0, which defines an LTE-like network that can run entirely on unlicensed spectrum like the frequencies Wi-Fi uses.

    Written by Stephen Lawson18 Jan. 17 00:00
  • Can Wi-Fi and LTE-U live together? The tests are ready

    On Wednesday, the Wi-Fi Alliance released a test plan for LTE-Unlicensed products, which would bring 4G cellular to unlicensed spectrum bands that Wi-Fi users depend on.

    Written by Stephen Lawson22 Sept. 16 05:02
  • US pumps $400 million into next-generation wireless research

    The U.S. National Science Foundation will spend more than US$400 million over the next seven years to fund next-generation wireless research in an effort to bring super-fast mobile service to the country.

    Written by Grant Gross16 July 16 01:08
  • How CIOs can influence new product innovation

    We've all heard the hype about a future of data-driven, always-connected devices where everything from cars to game consoles to refrigerators plays a role in the Internet of Things. We envision our household appliances tapped into the power grid, analyzing and fine-tuning electricity use. We expect our parked cars to one day use Wi-Fi to send traffic and weather forecasts to our office computers before we head out on the commute home.

    Written by Kim S. Nash25 Sept. 10 07:17
  • The world's largest corporate wi-fi network

    Just off State Route 520 in Redmond, Washington, you'll find Microsof's headquarters. To be sure, it's not the typical software vendor's corporate address - the beige building found in today's suburban office park never too far from a strip mall.

    Written by Thomas Wailgum03 May 08 22:00