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  • Consumers are connected, your company isn’t

    Digital business professionals focus on building experiences for a handful of well-established devices and channels, but many are ignoring or are only slowly developing experiences on emerging devices and third-party platforms.

    Written by Julie A. Ask11 Sept. 18 07:00
  • Digital equality for all? Apparently not, just ask Alexa

    We appear to be on the verge of segregating society into haves and have nots again, and arguably - on the basis of people’s accents. Just ask Alexa, posits Vaughan Robertson.

    Written by Vaughan Robertson12 April 17 07:30
  • Facebook says 'oui' to AI with Paris research team

    Along with its enormous success, Facebook has a giant, growing TMI (too much information) problem: how to help its almost one and a half billion users sort through the onslaught of news reports, photos, messages, and posts generated on the social network around the world every day.

    Written by Loek Essers03 June 15 00:28