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News about vendor relationships
  • 4 lessons from AI pioneers

    Expect AI projects to produce, at best, lessons that will help with subsequent, larger experiments, pilots and implementations, reports Gartner.

    Written by Divina Paredes14 Feb. 18 19:29
  • Finzsoft signs $20M-plus deal with Datacom

    The move will allow us to focus on core business of product development, says Andrew Holliday, Finzsoft managing director.

    Written by CIO New Zealand01 Dec. 17 07:12
  • Face to face with a virtual CIO

    Barry White thrives in the ‘as a service’ economy, providing technology and business advice to a range of organisations.

    Written by Divina Paredes11 Sept. 17 12:00

Whitepapers about vendor relationships

  • Vendor Landscape: Backup Software for Heterogeneous Environments

    Backup is becoming more complex. In addition to protecting physical servers, solutions must handle virtual environments and efficiently manage growing volumes of data. This white paper provides analysis on the cost and performance of “champions” in the heterogeneous backup software market, and help mid to large sized enterprises choose the software and vendor that will best meet their specific backup and restore objectives at the lowest possible cost.