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  • Hertz NZ signs deal with Unisys for data protection

    A contract for Unisys to provide its Stealth Solution data protection technology to car rental company Hertz New Zealand will be the first time the technology has been sold outside the US.

    Written by Randal Jackson07 March 11 22:00
  • IDC: Consumer IT in workplace creating security risks

    Smart phones, netbooks and social networking sites are invading the local workplace and causing policy headaches for employers according to the results of the latest IDC/Unisys survey.

    Written by CIO New Zealand staff07 July 10 22:00
  • Multi-billion dollar mega-deals end in breakup

    Ten years ago in IT, Y2K had come and gone without catastrophe, security chiefs were grappling with the ILOVEYOU virus, and the dotcom bubble was bursting. But in the IT services industry, the year 2000 was notable for another reason - it was the year of the giant outsourcing deal.
    A total of 24 IT outsourcing mega deals (multi-year contracts worth a billion dollars or more) were signed that year - more than the industry had seen before or since. All told, they were worth more than US$54 billion, according to outsourcing consultancy TPI. They included the EDS-US Navy contract worth $6.9 billion, the Bank of Scotland's $1 billion deal with IBM Global Services, and the $3 billion IT services contract between Nortel Networks and CSC.

    Written by Stephanie Overby30 March 10 23:00
  • ‘Stealth is good’

    Unisys is hoping to win over risk-averse customers here with the launch of its high-security private cloud offering.
    The Unisys Secure Private Cloud Solution is being aimed at government and enterprise customers wanting a fast and tough-to-hack option. The technology, underpinned by what Unisys calls ‘Stealth’ was initially developed for the US military.

    Written by David Ramli10 Nov. 09 22:00
  • Terry Shubkin exits Unisys, not replaced

    Unisys’ local head of operations Terry Shubkin has left the company after more than eight years there, and the company says it is not replacing her.
    She says her departure, which occurred in mid August, has been planned for about three months.

    Written by Amanda Sachtleben17 Aug. 09 22:00
  • Online and financial security concerns soar

    New Zealand has recorded its highest Unisys Security Index since December 2007 with a 15 point increase.
    The index now stands at 124 out of 300. The study measures consumer perceptions on a scale of zero to 300, with 300 representing the highest level of concern.

    Written by Hamish Barwick15 April 09 22:00