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  • Big Supply Chain Troubles in China

    A worldwide economic recession, volatile energy prices and mistrust of Chinese products are conspiring to end China's reign as the low-cost supplier to the world.

    Written by Thomas Wailgum15 Dec. 08 11:37
  • Supply chain management: A quick guide

    Supply chain management (SCM) is the combination of art and science that goes into improving the way your company finds the raw components it needs to make a product or service and deliver it to customers. The following are five basic components of SCM
    1. Plan – This is the strategic portion of SCM. You need a strategy for managing all the resources that go toward meeting customer demand for your product or service. A big piece of planning is developing a set of metrics to monitor the supply chain so that it is efficient, costs less and delivers high quality and value to customers.

    Written by Ben Worthen08 Aug. 07 22:00
  • Right place, right time

    Mention the term supply chain management (SCM) and many people will start to think of manufacturing industries — the phrase may evoke visions of just-in-time inventory techniques or cost-efficient raw materials purchasing.
    But Auckland Airport provides an example of how supply chain management systems can be just as relevant to service-based industries.

    Written by Michael Foreman05 Aug. 07 22:00