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  • Former Hacking Team supplier stops selling zero-day exploits on ethical grounds

    Italian surveillance software maker Hacking Team recently claimed that it hasn't lost any customers after the massive leak of its internal data two weeks ago. But it has lost at least one business partner: U.S.-based penetration testing specialist and zero-day exploit broker Netragard.

    Written by Lucian Constantin22 July 15 02:13
  • Duqu spy group also targeted telecommunications companies

    The group behind the Duqu cyberespionage tool has compromised at least two telecommunications operators and one electronic equipment manufacturer, in addition to a cybersecurity firm and venues that hosted high-level nuclear negotiations between world powers and Iran.

    Written by Lucian Constantin11 June 15 21:47
  • Asian nations increasingly hit by espionage groups

    Multiple cyberespionage groups are specifically targeting government and military organizations from countries in Asia and the Pacific region with the goal of gathering geo-political intelligence, according to new security research.

    Written by Lucian Constantin15 May 15 00:09
  • Russian cyber group seen preparing to attack banks

    A security firm is warning that a group of Russian hackers known for targeting military, government and media organizations is now preparing to attack banks in the US and elsewhere.

    Written by Lucian Constantin13 May 15 04:08
  • New Linux rootkit leverages GPUs for stealth

    A team of developers has created a rootkit for Linux systems that uses the processing power and memory of graphics cards instead of CPUs in order to remain hidden.

    Written by Lucian Constantin08 May 15 21:02
  • Code name found in Equation group malware suggests link to NSA

    As security researchers continue to analyze malware used by a sophisticated espionage group dubbed the Equation, more clues surface that point to the U.S. National Security Agency being behind it.

    Written by Lucian Constantin12 March 15 06:40
  • Cyberespionage arsenal could be tied to French intelligence agencies

    A collection of computer Trojans that have been used since 2009 to steal data from government agencies, military contractors, media organizations and other companies is tied to cyberespionage malware possibly created by French intelligence agencies.

    Written by Lucian Constantin10 March 15 02:25
  • Europol and security vendors disrupt massive Ramnit botnet

    European law enforcement agencies seized command-and-control servers used by Ramnit, a malware program that steals online banking credentials, FTP passwords, session cookies and personal files from victims.

    Written by Lucian Constantin26 Feb. 15 06:07