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  • Wearables smothering Swiss watch business, Fossil CEO says

    Wearables are reducing interest in Swiss watches, with those highly regarded timepieces losing some of their luster as technology is incorporated into what people wear on their wrists.

    Written by Fred O'Connor13 Aug. 15 04:59
  • BYOD: Enterprise must brace for Apple Watch release

    Businesses should brace themselves to deal with a wave of wearables in the workplace, with people almost certain to use the Apple Watch for work tasks according to Telsyte analyst Rodney Gedda.

    Written by Adam Bender10 March 15 10:50
  • 4 smartwatches (almost) ready for business use

    If there's any segment of the population that might gravitate to the smartwatch trend, it's business users. With a quick flick of the wrist, you can see the time, your meeting schedule and even whether you're running late for a flight. Many business folks already wear a watch to keep track of the time during a hectic day filled with meetings and other appointments. Plus, a smartwatch is an extension of the smartphone we already rely on for business trips (and just about everything else).

    Written by John Brandon01 Oct. 14 23:07
  • In Pictures: The Apple Watch

    “The most personal device we’ve ever created.” – Tim Cook, Apple CEO

    Written by John Cox11 Sept. 14 10:25