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  • Ethics and liability - mistakes by machines

    The increasing prevalence of AI tools designed to target and influence consumer behaviour and assist organisations regarding decision-making has sparked widespread international debate and calls for responsible development and integration of AI technologies, write Liz Blythe, Michael Taylor and Zoe Sims of Russell McVeagh

    Written by CIO New Zealand29 March 19 06:30
  • When machines collude

    Troy Pilkington, Sarah Keene, Liz Blythe, Zoe Sims and Chris Brunt of Russell McVeagh write about a critical facet of using AI in business.

    Written by CIO New Zealand20 March 19 06:30
  • ‘A robot stole my job!’

    How can organisations manage employee fears regarding the introduction of AI? Kylie Dunn, Liz Blythe, Laura Cole and Zoe Sims of Russell McVeagh share some pointers.

    Written by CIO New Zealand14 March 19 06:30
  • CIO upfront: Blockchain and privacy – is encryption the solution?

    One of the attractions of a blockchain platform is the immutability of data recorded on it, which seems to conflict with the right to erasure under the GDPR which allows an individual to have their personal information deleted. Russell McVeagh lawyers Liz Blythe, Michael Taylor, Rachel O'Brien and Zoe Sims write about how to resolve this tension.

    Written by CIO New Zealand07 Jan. 19 06:30