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  • IT customers slow to embrace outsourced DevOps

    IT organizations are increasingly interested in adopting DevOps models to deliver applications faster, better and cheaper to the business, but they're not inclined to look to their IT service providers for help with these efforts.

    Written by Stephanie Overby08 Aug. 15 00:26
  • Why CIOs can't wait to renegotiate their outsourcing contracts

    As business needs--and the new technologies required to support them--evolve ever more rapidly, outsourcing contracts signed just a year or two ago are already getting stale. That's why Mayer Brown business and sourcing technology partner Dan Masur is advising companies to revamp their outsourcing deals right now to not only access new options, but also to cut significant costs.

    Written by Stephanie Overby27 July 15 23:47
  • Steering through change and growth

    Three days after Nigel Prince joined the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry as CIO, his ambitions were reined in.
    “The chief financial officer told me about all the money I didn’t have to spend on all the whizzy stuff I thought I could do in the MAF environment,” he told a recent CIO Insights luncheon.

    Written by Stephen Bell15 Aug. 10 22:00
  • Outsourcing information security

    The need to keep information secure is not a recent development. To satisfy this need, most organisations construct a list of security requirements based on common sense. This has proven fairly effective with simple and well understood media such as pen and paper. As information management (and its security) has become more complex in nature, the likelihood of a gap in that common sense list of requirements has increased.

    Written by Simon Burson28 Jan. 10 07:24
  • Outsourcing: How to create a transformation roadmap

    Most information technology leaders enter into outsourcing relationships with a reasonable understanding of where they'd like their IT services provider to take them-some point in the future where the state of IT has been improved by saving money, increasing efficiency, or implementing new enterprise systems.

    Written by Stephanie Overby24 July 09 06:15
  • The benefits of infrastructure outsourcing

    The ever-increasing economic pressure continues to drive IT professionals to take a closer look at infrastructure outsourcing as an efficient means of filling their resource gap and driving business transformation. As a result there are a number of best practices in IT infrastructure outsourcing engagements that can help the process along.

    Written by Phil Sayer15 July 09 06:48
  • Nine ways to save money on your next outsourcing contract

    Outsourcing experts, IT analysts (and optimistic vendors) are predicting an increase in IT services deals during the second half of 2009. They foresee an uptick in outsourcing driven by enterprises looking to increase IT efficiency and cut costs.

    Written by Stephanie Overby17 June 09 23:57
  • Beware of Minimum Commitments for Outsourcing Contracts

    Once upon a time, IT service providers demanded exclusivity from customers. As those early outsourcing deals wore on, clients grew weary of being locked in to a "one and only" provider. To keep their customers happy, outsourcing vendors began offering minimum volume and revenue commitment clauses, which gave customers some room to breathe while insuring a certain level of return for IT service suppliers.

    Written by Stephanie Overby28 May 09 07:13
  • Cutting the Wrong Employees Can Kill A Business

    Retaining strategically important IT staff in a recession can provide an organisation with competitive advantage. Outsourcing selectively now is a good option, but retaining in house project management skills is the key for IT leaders when the economic climate improves.

    Written by Bruce McCracken13 March 09 10:48
  • The 25 Most Dangerous Cities for Offshore Outsourcing

    If you have an outsourcing contract for work in Bogota, Colombia, Bangkok, Thailand, or Johannesburg, South Africa, you should be aware that they rank as the riskiest offshore outsourcing destinations in the world. Locations in India and Brazil also made this inauspicious list. Where do you outsource?

    Written by Stephanie Overby02 March 09 09:05