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  • The rise of CraaS, ‘Crap idea as a Service’

    Just because something is new doesn’t mean it is useful. Here are some pointers to find out if what you’re being offered is just a glittering pile of bad ideas

    Written by Chris Pope09 April 19 08:00
  • How to meet the CIO’s availability challenge in four steps

    The single biggest challenge businesses face is how to provide availability that meets user demand without breaking the bank, notes Don Williams of Veeam. He lists four steps to help CIOs can consider as they manage this challenge.

    Written by Edited by Divina Paredes07 May 15 12:36
  • Leadership is demonstrated, not measured

    Bradley de Souza calls for an end to the current 'leadership by numbers' obsession - and why failing a leadership exam isn’t always the worst outcome.

    Written by Bradley de Souza21 Oct. 14 07:30
  • Words of wisdom from a serial outsourcer

    Focus on risk and reward. In some cases, using two partners in tandem can create positive competitive tension.

    Written by Bradley de Souza16 June 14 05:00
  • Why does IT exist?

    The fundamental information within an organisation is way more important than any of the technology used to manage that information. This is what the ‘I’ in CIO represents, writes Geoff Lazberger. So how do you impress upon the executive team the real value of information?

    Written by Geoff Lazberger15 Aug. 13 06:58
Features about opinion
  • Measuring the health of corporate security

    The last thing any of us need these days is another uninformed discourse on health care, but I tend to wade in where others have the common sense to keep out.

    Written by George Campbell21 April 10 03:00