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  • Attack of the BYOD-Killing MDM Software

    BYOD has been an enterprise hit because it allows employees the convenience of combining their work and personal lives on a single mobile device while offering companies a sense of security thanks to mobile device management software. However, a breed of monstrous new MDM software threatens to send users away screaming.

    Written by Tom Kaneshige04 Feb. 14 19:31
  • IT shops face ever greater mobile demands from users

    Nearly two-thirds of mobile device users own three or more network-connected devices, according to an online survey of 5000 people conducted in November in the U.S. and eight other countries.

    Written by Matt Hamblen21 Jan. 14 16:39
  • Good Technology helps businesses break the BlackBerry habit

    BlackBerry has been in a death spiral, and it's immediate future is a mystery. That is cause for concern for companies that rely on BlackBerry, and has forced businesses to start considering an exit strategy. But the real challenge is finding an alternate platform that doesn't compromise on security. Good Technology thinks it has the solution.

    Written by Tony Bradley25 Oct. 13 21:00
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