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  • Motorola X4: Four times the Bluetooth audio

    Lenovo's new Motorola X4 smartphone is half the price of Samsung Electronics' Galaxy S8, but does at least one thing twice as well: stream audio to multiple Bluetooth speakers or headphones.

    Written by Peter Sayer01 Sept. 17 07:53
  • IBM's Watson looks for a role in the home

    Not content with helping to cure cancers and winning Jeopardy, Watson wants to get inside our heads and our homes, whispering instructions into our wireless headsets and helping us do our laundry.

    Written by Peter Sayer04 Sept. 16 01:59
  • LG's smart fridge has Windows 10 on a transparent display

    In the short history of Internet-connected refrigerators, LG's latest is the boldest and craziest yet. The company has put a 29-inch Windows 10 Surface computer on one of the doors and, as if that's not enough, made the screen transparent so users can see inside the fridge.

    Written by Martyn Williams04 Sept. 16 01:37
  • Sony previews prototype Xperia gadgets

    Sony is looking at taking the Xperia brand beyond smartphones and is showing off some prototype gadgets at the IFA trade show in Berlin.

    Written by Martyn Williams04 Sept. 16 01:26
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