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News about identity theft
  • When AI is used for evil

    Don’t assume only the good guys will be using these tools, reports Forrester.

    Written by Divina Paredes31 May 18 13:33
  • Identity theft and card fraught top Kiwis’ security concerns

    ​Unisys has released the latest edition of the Unisys Security Index saying, perhaps unsurprisingly, that New Zealanders’ concern about security issues is the highest it has been since the index was initiated in 2006.

    Written by Stuart Corner30 June 17 10:00
  • Why security pros should master Google

    One of the reasons security is fun and interesting is that it requires a constant upgrade of your skills and knowledge.
    Here is a skill that you may not have realised you need, but you need it: Become a master of internet search.

    Written by Derek Slater05 July 09 22:00