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  • Tokyo wants to make Olympic medals from old smartphones

    Japan will kick off a drive this week to collect old smartphones and other portable gadgets so that they can be turned into medals for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and Paralympics.

    Written by Martyn Williams14 Feb. 17 08:05
  • Apple Watch vs. Android Wear: A reality check

    Before Apple announced its first smartwatch on Tuesday, some tech pundits were convinced that Apple would reimagine wearable technology in a way that no other smartwatches have. Some wondered whether the final product would resemble a watch at all, or even have a screen.

    Written by Jared Newman11 Sept. 14 01:53
  • In Pictures: CES 2014 Fails

    Submitted for your disapproval, here are our least favourite sights from CES 2014.

    Written by TechHive staff17 Jan. 14 08:54