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  • The CTO as COO and vice versa

    Oliver Schabenberger talks about his merged role at SAS, and what he believes is the next phase for AI

    Written by Divina Paredes08 Nov. 18 07:00
  • 5 tips for CIOs to better connect with boards

    The hunger for high quality advice means that good boards are increasingly turning to the CIO for guidance and information. But are technology experts engaging with the board in the right way to stake their claim to the C-suite?

    Written by Simon Arcus03 Dec. 15 06:00
  • The ‘L’ word

    Will digitisation change our view of leadership?

    Written by Claudia Vidal18 Nov. 15 08:30
  • Executive agenda: Prepare for the rise of millennials in the workforce

    How will Kiwi businesses make sure their technology and workplace practices meet the needs of millennials entering the workforce in ever greater numbers? Michael Russell of Origin presents a five-step, five-year plan to prepare the business.

    Written by Edited by Divina Paredes13 May 15 05:00