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  • How to emerge from downturns as a winner - a guide for CIOs

    Many CIOs will take the normal approach of cutting discretionary spending, delaying starting new projects or cutting back on recruiting. It’s time to take a contrarian view, writes Andy Rowsell-Jones of Gartner

    Written by Andy Rowsell-Jones23 Oct. 19 07:00
  • Trio wins economics Nobel for science-based poverty fight

    The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences said their work had shown how poverty could be addressed by breaking it down into smaller and more precise questions in areas such as education and healthcare, and then testing solutions in the field.

    Written by Reuters16 Oct. 19 07:06
  • Cryptocurrency prices are all in the mind

    ​The volatility of cryptocurrencies has become something of a joke. The fact its value bounces around like a kangaroo in a clown car has given rise to countless memes about the emotional toll of being an investor.

    Written by George Nott23 May 18 09:00