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News about DNA
  • Chinese scientist who gene-edited babies fired by university

    "The report will hopefully set an example with appropriate legal and punitive actions to reassure the public and scientific community," said Yalda Jamshidi, a genomics expert at Britain's University of London.

    Written by Reuters22 Jan. 19 06:28
  • Microsoft is making Big Data really small using DNA

    Microsoft has partnered with a San Francisco-based company to encode information on synthetic DNA to test its potential as a new medium for data storage.

    Written by Blair Hanley Frank28 April 16 10:32
  • The challenger’s cloud platform

    When your goal is to disrupt the market, it helps to use disruptive technologies as well, the CIO of Skinny demonstrates.

    Written by Divina Paredes11 May 15 06:00
  • Switched on CIO: Simon Clarke of Trustpower

    Simon Clarke treaded quite an unusual career path – corporate lawyer, CEO, and now general manager business solutions and technology for Trustpower.

    Written by Divina Paredes02 March 15 06:00