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News about Data Lake
  • St John demonstrates the lifesaving power of digital tech

    The ICT team at St John talks about the steps leading to the delivery of the electronic Patient Report Form (ePRF), which has now been used over a million times by ambulance services across New Zealand.

    Written by Divina Paredes07 May 18 06:30
  • Machine learning is the ‘new normal’

    In the future, machine learning will be part of the business model, says Olivier Klein, head of emerging technologies at Amazon Web Services

    Written by Divina Paredes16 April 18 06:45

Whitepapers about Data Lake

  • What CIOs need to know to capitalise on data lakes

    This resource features an in-depth interview around strategic use of data lakes with insights from Paul Maritz, CEO of Pivotal, the Platform-as-a-Service provider launched in 2013. Readers can explore the business opportunities and technological capabilities of this new data analytics trend.