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  • Open source: Big benefits, big flaws

    Given the dominance of open source in the IT marketplace, any significant debate over its value might be considered moot.

    Written by Taylor Armerding16 June 15 06:12
  • How to build physical security into a data center

    There are plenty of complicated documents that can guide companies through the process of designing a secure data center--from the gold-standard specs used by the federal government to build sensitive facilities like embassies, to infrastructure standards published by industry groups like the Telecommunications Industry Association, to safety requirements from the likes of the National Fire Protection Association. But what should be the CSO's high-level goals for making sure that security for the new data center is built into the designs, instead of being an expensive or ineffectual afterthought?

    Written by Sarah D. Scalet01 April 15 07:47
  • The CSO Security Career Survival Guide

    There is little doubt cybersecurity is a hot career path right now. According to labor analytics firm Burning Glass, cybersecurity job postings grew 74% from 2007 through 2013 – a rate of growth that was twice as rapid as all IT jobs combined. And demand for cyber information security positions certainly hasn't let up since.

    Written by George V. Hulme27 March 15 00:33
  • Why smart devices and wearables will be security's new headache

    Smart devices largely use the same operating system as their smartphone counterparts. This is the case with Android devices. When we talk about smart devices and Android, we're talking about a mature platform in terms of malware.

    Written by David Geer22 Jan. 15 03:15
  • Social Engineering: The dangers of positive thinking

    CSO Online recently spoke to a person working in the security field with a rather unique job. He's paid to break into places, such as banks and research facilities (both private and government), in order to test their resistance to social engineering and physical attacks.

    Written by Steve Ragan06 Jan. 15 03:17

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