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  • The top 5 technologies to deliver a unified CX

    The customer engagement centre and contact centre have been integrating in silos for decades, with limited sharing of customer interaction channel functionality and data.

    Written by Divina Paredes21 Oct. 19 06:35
  • Let support off the chain

    Uptime was just one of many challenges facing Phill Edwards as he worked to keep salary packaging specialist SmartSalary's 70-strong contact centre on top of rapidly growing customer demand.
    Although the company embraced voice over internet protocol (VoIP) five years ago, its contact centre software was inelegant and prone to error. Yet with only six people in his IT organisation looking after about 180 employees, and any major software upgrade requiring the addition of several more, the chief information officer embraced a somewhat radical strategy for SmartSalary's contact centre.

    Written by David Braue05 Oct. 08 22:00
  • Next please

    It's just on noon. At the local food hall, fast-food outlets are gearing
    up for the lunchtime rush, the bank of registers waiting to open quickly

    Written by Mike Hanley23 Oct. 07 21:00