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  • CIO upfront: We need to chat about chatbots

    Chatbot developers can differentiate themselves from the pack - using one of the most time-tested communication methods, writes Brodie Wooler of FaceMe

    Written by CIO New Zealand03 May 19 10:00
  • CIO upfront: In praise of intelligent bots, not smart ones

    If your chatbot replaces one kind of wasted time with another, or makes information harder to find, bin it. If it’s a decorative replacement for a checkout process, don’t build it, writes Ian Lurie of Portent

    Written by CIO New Zealand25 Sept. 18 06:30
  • OK Computer? Ensuring safe and fair use of algorithms

    The algorithms fundamental to artificial intelligence have huge potential to benefit business, government and society. But how can we ensure transparency and accountability when algorithms are used for important decision making? Frith Tweedie of EY writes about steps to help manage algorithmic risk in both the public and private sectors.

    Written by CIO New Zealand27 Aug. 18 06:30

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