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  • Facebook overhauls messaging as it pivots to privacy

    CEO Mark Zuckerberg had promised changes to the advertising-driven social media company as it was under regulatory scrutiny over propaganda on its platform and users' data privacy.

    Written by Reuters01 May 19 05:47
  • Sheryl Sandberg says Facebook must earn back trust

    Last year, the company was buffeted by revelations that UK consultancy Cambridge Analytica had improperly acquired data on millions of its U.S. users to target election advertising.

    Written by Reuters24 Jan. 19 07:23
  • OK Computer? Ensuring safe and fair use of algorithms

    The algorithms fundamental to artificial intelligence have huge potential to benefit business, government and society. But how can we ensure transparency and accountability when algorithms are used for important decision making? Frith Tweedie of EY writes about steps to help manage algorithmic risk in both the public and private sectors.

    Written by CIO New Zealand27 Aug. 18 06:30