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  • Airbnb sharpens its focus on businesses with new software suite

    More than 250 companies have signed on with Airbnb’s Business Travel program since its launch a year ago, but on Monday the home-sharing service launched a new product suite in the hopes of growing that customer segment further.

    Written by Katherine Noyes21 July 15 06:51
  • SAP sets its sights on the IoT with new Cloud services

    Targeting the 25 billion or so devices expected to be connected to the Internet by 2020, SAP has announced a new suite of Cloud services designed specifically for the so-called Internet of Things.

    Written by Katherine Noyes07 May 15 03:16
  • SugarCRM sweetens Sugar 7.6 with a BPM twist

    Following a string of acquisition and partnership announcements over the past few weeks, SugarCRM on Tuesday rolled out a new version of its flagship customer relationship management software that adds business process management capabilities along with several key mobility and usability enhancements.

    Written by Katherine Noyes22 April 15 04:18
  • New malware variant suggests cybercriminals targeting SAP users

    A new variant of a Trojan program that targets online banking accounts also contains code to search if infected computers have SAP client applications installed, suggesting that attackers might target SAP systems in the future.

    Written by Lucian Constantin01 Nov. 13 10:05
  • Attack of the killer Bs

    If your first attempt at guessing the function of a central processing unit involves imagining it at the heart of a Stalinist bureaucracy, or if you think biometrics is a new exercise fad, then brace yourself for business process management (BPM), a practice (and acronym) for which a universally agreed definition is elusive.
    "Is it work flow?" asks Hydrasight analyst Michael Warrilow. "Or is it business rules integration? Or business process definition?"

    Written by Simon Sharwood07 July 08 22:00