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News about business analytics
  • How data enables change

    Actions reveal more than words, we know, and companies are watching carefully, using business intelligence and analytics tools to figure out what's happening in their markets. But it isn't just what makes a consumer buy a product or respond to an email promotion that companies want to understand. They're also putting business operations-where efficiency can make the difference between profit and loss-under the microscope.
    By using insights from analytics to improve business processes, CIOs can help managers feed updated intelligence into their decision-making routines almost continuously. A marketing campaign can be adjusted in hours in reaction to uptake on a website. A logistics process, such as trucking equipment to construction sites, can be adjusted to changes in the price of fuel.

    Written by Kim S Nash20 June 10 22:00
  • Travelling targets

    Along with the imminent opening of its upgraded and expanded international terminal, Sydney Airport now has a new business analysis system, one that allows its management to understand much more than just the comings and goings of passengers.
    The new system has given the business a better understanding of customer needs and preferences and will help to grow revenue not just for the corporation, but for the 500 other businesses operating at the airport.

    Written by Alexandra Cain11 May 10 22:00
  • The CIOs' Sisyphean challenge

    BI remains atop business managers' wish lists and, not coincidentally, on IT's to-do list. The demand for BI and analytic tools is unlikely to abate any time soon.
    For many CIOs, however, delivering new and innovative BI apps has been a bit of a Sisyphean challenge: Ballooning data volumes combined with complex IT environments have stressed legacy BI tools. Consequently, IT has been scrambling to keep up with users' desire for intuitive, easy-to-consume BI apps that incorporate all of the latest bells and whistles and corporate information sources.

    Written by Thomas Wailgum26 April 10 22:00

Whitepapers about business analytics

  • The Collaboration Paradox

    In this whitepaper, we look at how new collaboration tools enable global executives to get more out of teams and make faster decisions. However, these teams feel restricted by outdated communication methods that lead to slower decision making and ultimately wasted time and money. Download to hear from the most enthusiastic adopters of collaboration tools and the benefits they have seen in their workplace.