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  • CIO upfront: GDPR and the Privacy Bill - Mind the gap

    With the new Privacy Bill likely to be implemented in a little over six months and the Christmas break looming, it’s a good time for agencies to consider what the new Privacy Bill means for them, write Alex Chapman and Amy Ryburn of Buddle Findlay

    Written by CIO New Zealand18 Nov. 19 04:31
  • Privacy Bill reform: ‘Time to raise your game’

    The Privacy Commissioner has sent a clear message that he expects businesses to do more to make sure customers are aware of how their information is being collected and used. Allan Yeoman and Keri Johansson of Buddle Findlay list areas organisations need to consider as they review their privacy policies

    Written by CIO New Zealand18 Oct. 19 12:33
  • In New Zealand, a legal battle looms over streaming TV

    A legal battle is taking shape in New Zealand that could result in one of the first worldwide court cases to address the legality of skirting regional restrictions on web content.

    Written by Jeremy Kirk14 April 15 11:08