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  • The top CIO trend for 2019? The need to reskill...fast

    Pressure to adapt skill sets to new technologies, and the threat of automation of some jobs mean that every professional must now ensure their own skill set does not become obsolete

    Written by CIO New Zealand20 Dec. 18 10:00
  • CIO upfront: How to build IT resilience in 2019

    CIOs need to continue to be wary of long-term contracts with vendors that don’t support multiple platforms, writes Sean Abbott of Zerto

    Written by CIO New Zealand17 Dec. 18 10:00
  • The top 5 AI trends for 2019

    Tim Sheedy, principal advisor at Ecosystm, details where organisations need to make ‘smart investments’ as AI reaches mass market adoption.

    Written by Divina Paredes23 Nov. 18 06:30