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Killing the password: FIDO says long journey will be worth it

The FIDO Alliance, formed just four years ago to find a better way than passwords for online authentication, is promoting a standard that keeps user credentials only on the user device. An attacker would have to steal your device to hack your account, they say.

Written by Taylor Armerding13 July 16 03:15

How agile helps attract and retain millennial tech pros

IT organizations are in search of talent, but they are finding that the agile methodology is great for attracting and retaining the next generation of engineers and developers.

Written by Sharon Florentine07 June 16 21:52

10 IT workplace predictions for 2016

2016 is the year of talent -- how to find it, retain it, engage it and motivate it are at the top of organizations' to-do-lists. Here, workforce management experts share their predictions for the coming year.

Written by Sharon Florentine20 Jan. 16 22:28

You moved to the Cloud ... the Internet's down. Now what?

Major connectivity issues are bound to happen sooner or later. Will your employees be able to keep working, or is an Internet outage a prelude to sending everyone home for the day?

Written by John Brandon04 Nov. 15 15:31

Tips from a day in the life of 4 CIOs

The role of a modern CIO is as misunderstood as it is important. So we asked a few of them to take us through a typical day. Here, four IT leaders share their tips, tricks and daily routines.

Written by John Brandon25 Aug. 15 15:08

The 8 most significant ways physical security has evolved

Physical security has come a long way since the advent of the lock and key. But for all of its changes, the greatest aspect of the evolution of physical security is how it has begun to mesh with our digital world.

Written by Grant Hatchimonji21 Jan. 14 17:50

Big data for IT forensics

One of the earlier business applications to analyze massive volume of data from a variety of sources is IT forensics. Besides using traditional eDiscovery tools to handle unstructured data and analytical tools to analyze transactional data separately, IT forensic experts are turning towards big data for a comprehensive approach to speed up analysis.

Written by Sheila Lam06 Aug. 13 18:28