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Stories by Zafar Anjum

Will fingerprint scanning take off?

What are the implications for enterprises and the security issues regarding fingerprint scanning? Anthony Tian, Regional Director, Asia Pacific, Good Technology, gives his thoughts.

Written by Zafar Anjum24 Oct. 13 18:54

What are the top 10 most demanding IT jobs?

In a world buzzing with gadgets like smartphones and tablets and the expectation of always-on and 24x7 tech support, what are the most demanding IT jobs?

Written by Zafar Anjum16 July 12 10:23

Dealing with big data

In today's business environment, the topic of big data is ubiquitous. In 2011, the global output of data was about 1.8 zetabytes (each zetabyte equals 1 billion terabytes). Amazingly, 90 percent of the data in the world was created within the last two years.

Written by Zafar Anjum11 Feb. 12 09:34

'Fish where the fish are'

The world's largest professional network with more than 100 million members, LinkedIn opened its Asia Pacific HQ in Singapore just last month. We caught up with the man heading it, Arvind Rajan, for a private chat. The newly anointed LinkedIn MD and VP for Asia Pacific and Japan, shared with us his thoughts on the needs of the market that his network's offerings serve and what developments he expects to drive in the near future.

Written by Zafar Anjum15 June 11 22:00

'Go to fewer conferences and start doing something'

It is a strange time when I get to meet Adam Warby, Avanade's Global CEO, at Raffles Convention Centre in Singapore's business district. It is only a week since a devastating earthquake and tsunami has destroyed a major chunk of Japan's eastern coastal areas, killing thousands of people (on 11 March). There is also the scare of nuclear radiation from the damaged nuclear reactors in Fukushima. Many IT companies are worried about their staff in Japan. Some are evacuating staff from affected areas and even from cities as far away as Tokyo.

Written by Zafar Anjum28 May 11 07:18

Virtual offices on the go

Sumit Dhawan, vice president, desktop virtualisation, Citrix Systems, leads strategy and plans for Citrix's desktop virtualisation product line, Citrix XenDesktop. Dhawan has been one of the key leaders in driving product, marketing and go-to-market strategy for XenDesktop product and has positioned Citrix as a leader in the desktop virtualisation market. In his current role, Dhawan is also responsible for key strategic alliances for Citrix in the desktop virtualisation market, including partnerships with Microsoft, Cisco, NetApp, Dell and HP.

Written by Zafar Anjum09 Feb. 11 22:00

Managing cloud politics

Despite all the talk about cloud computing, there are no standards for integrating cloud computing systems. Do you see that as a big challenge for CIOs?
It’s true that there are no universal management solutions for integrating public cloud resources with the internal assets located within a company’s existing data centre. We are still in the very early stages of public cloud computing. There is a variety of emerging public cloud providers and each one has its own architecture, operating model, pricing, etc. I think it’s premature to expect management standards to exist anytime soon but I don’t think that’s necessarily a deterrent to leveraging the capabilities of the public providers.

Written by Zafar Anjum18 Aug. 10 22:00

The man who saw tomorrow

"The past is useless to us. The future is full of anxiety. The present is the only reality that we have. The here-and-now." Thus spoke one of the characters in Saul Bellow's novel, Seize The Day.

Written by Zafar Anjum14 Aug. 10 04:35

Green IT is not dead

The world’s green enthusiasts had pinned a lot of expectation on the United Nations-backed summit on climate change (COP-15) held at the Danish capital of Copenhagen in December last year.
But the talks at the summit nearly broke down — as climate change sceptics had hoped for following the leaked e-mails from a University of East Anglia climate science research lab. Climategate, as the scandal came to be known, questioned the official position of the green brigade — that there was a need for global cooperation in controlling the juggernaut of climate change.

Written by Zafar Anjum13 Feb. 10 22:00

Asia prepares for swine flu pandemic

The US has already declared a public emergency because of the rising number of swine flu cases. China and Russia have made plans to quarantine anyone with symptoms of the virus, agencies reported.

Written by Zafar Anjum28 April 09 06:01

Mortgage, Conflicker, Tax Day malware spams rule the roost

Since the shutdown of hosting company McColo in mid-November 2008, spam volumes have slowly made their way back to "normal," said internet security software company Symantec in its April 2009 monthly spam repot.

Written by Zafar Anjum18 April 09 01:18

New Satyam CEO assures customers about company's future

In his first overseas trip to reinforce company's commitment to a critical region, Satyam Computer Services' newly appointed chief executive officer A.S. Murty assured Singapore of his company's services.

Written by Zafar Anjum05 March 09 05:24

Banks to spend on technologies

Despite tight budgets, banks will still spend on technologies that allow them to blunt the adverse effects of the crisis, build business despite the slowdown, and operate efficiently in a crisis environment.
This is according to independent research and advisory firm Financial Insights, an IDC company, that has today released its report, 'Asia/Pacific Banking in 2009: Opportunities amid a Crisis'.

Written by Zafar Anjum03 Feb. 09 22:00

Asia-Pacific records slow PC shipment growth

The Asia Pacific region recorded the worst PC shipment growth since the IT advisory firm Gartner started its PC statistics research, up just 1.8 percent over the same quarter the previous year. This amounted to the volume reaching 19.5 million units.
The China and India PC markets accounted for approximately 65 percent of the market in the Asia Pacific in the fourth quarter, and these countries were affected by a slow consumer market. PC shipments in China grew an estimated 0.8 percent, and 2.2 percent in India.

Written by Zafar Anjum17 Jan. 09 22:00