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Stories by Jon Gold

IoT in 2020: The awkward teenage years

The internet of things will see more growth in 2020, along with more growing pains - security, lack of complete solutions

Written by Jon Gold16 Nov. 19 09:22

Why blockchain (might be) coming to an IoT implementation near you

There’s a small but growing overlap between two of today’s buzzier technologies, yet it’s far from certain that blockchain’s impact on the Internet of Things is going to be widespread, particularly in the near-term.

Written by Jon Gold05 April 19 06:02

Lab makes data sharing easier so medical IoT devices can be smarter

Researchers at the Medical PnP laboratory are looking to save lives through smarter, more interoperable healthcare technology using open standards, medical expertise and testing equipment that simulates health conditions to encourage easier integration of IoT devices and new sharing apps that can expand their capabilities.

Written by Jon Gold10 Aug. 18 20:00