Stories by Michael Cooney

IBM aims at hybrid cloud, enterprise security

IBM Cloud Pak for Security features open-source Red Hat technology for hunting threats and automation to speed response to cyber attacks.

Written by Michael Cooney21 Nov. 19 03:17

Juniper aims to ease wired, wireless, multicloud management

Juniper has enhanced its network and hybrid cloud management software by integrating further the AI technology it recently acquired from Mist, and adding new features to its Contrail Enterprise Multicloud software.

Written by Michael Cooney12 Nov. 19 23:26

Cisco Meraki ups security with new switch, software

Cisco is bringing some of the bells and whistles of its Catalyst environment to Meraki customers with hardware and software to help customers better support and secure distributed network resources.

Written by Michael Cooney07 Nov. 19 10:45

Gartner: 10 infrastructure trends you need to know

Gartner’s look at the top infrastructure and operational trends reflect offshoots of technologies – such as cloud computing, automation and networking advances the company’s analysts have talked about many times before.

Written by Michael Cooney22 Oct. 19 14:21

Cisco pushes 5G to hasten advent of industrial IoT

While 5G​ deployments are nascent, Cisco expects rapid future development of the mobile technology will be the expansion of industrial IoT use cases.

Written by Michael Cooney17 Oct. 19 08:09