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Stories by Lauren Brousell

Millennials want to be leaders — but not without big salaries, perks

A new survey suggests millennial workers respect their bosses, look to them for motivation and want to become leaders themselves, but salary, workplace perks and high-end technology are more important to them than to older generations.

Written by Lauren Brousell24 Sept. 15 21:01

How to create your own Snapchat geofilter

Snapchat geofilters are a fun way to show your location through your photos and videos. But what if no geofilters are available for your favorite neighborhood, town or landmark (or you just want to add your own)? It’s easy to create a geofilter. Here’s how.

Written by Lauren Brousell19 Sept. 15 15:00

How Pinterest is taking on its diversity dilemma

Popular 'social bulletin' site, Pinterest, made a statement when it detailed plans to interview and hire more female and minority candidates in its engineering and technology departments, as well as at the executive level. Here's how — and why.

Written by Lauren Brousell19 Aug. 15 15:00

Why Instagram started banning hashtags (and why it's a bad idea)

Policing social media sites is no easy task, because users can post almost anything they want, often without consequence. Other users can report inappropriate content, but it's not possible for social networks to remove every post that violates their guidelines.

Written by Lauren Brousell12 Aug. 15 23:55

How millennials challenge traditional leadership

Millennials challenge many of today's traditional business practices, so it's not surprising that they are also disrupting corporate leadership. The millennial generation isn't attracted to the money or recognition associated with leadership positions. Rather, they want to be leaders to inspire others, make a difference in the world and lead companies that care about more than the bottom line, according to a new survey from Virtuali and Workplacetrends.com. Nearly half of the 412 millennials surveyed (47 percent) say they are motivated to be leaders because they want to empower others, while only 10 percent care about legacy, and 5 percent say they'd take a leadership job for the money.

Written by Lauren Brousell05 Aug. 15 02:51

Will hotel room keys and front-desk checkin soon be obsolete?

After traveling all day, the last thing you want to do is wait in a long line to check into your hotel. And when you finally get to the front desk, it seems like the hotelier has to type a million keystrokes into the computer before finally handing you your room key.

Written by Lauren Brousell03 Aug. 15 23:51

Consumers browsing -- but not buying -- via mobile and social media

Consumers increasingly rely on smartphones and social media to discover and research products of interest, but relatively few people go on to make mobile purchases, according to new research from Synchrony Financial. Specifically, 45 percent of respondents performed shopping-related tasks via mobile, up 4 percent since last year, but only 18 percent of browsers went on to purchase a product using a mobile device. Mobile discount offers are also popular, with 66 percent of respondents regularly using them, but that number is down from 71 percent last year, Synchrony says.

Written by Lauren Brousell23 July 15 23:39

6 ways to give millennials the mentorship programs they want

Millennials, now the largest generation in today's workforce, think mentoring is the most effective and most desired type of career development training, according to a November 2014 Virtuali survey. However, millennials generally aren't satisfied with corporate training programs, including mentor opportunities. Companies need to be more creative when structuring formal programs and also encourage their millennials to seek both internal and external mentorships.

Written by Lauren Brousell17 July 15 00:11

Millennials are most likely to pay for loyalty programs

Millennials are more willing than Gen Xers and Boomers to pay for premium loyalty programs, such as Amazon Prime, but these older generations are also beginning to see value in paid programs, according to a LoyaltyOne Consulting survey of more than 1,000 consumer respondents ages 18 to 65. Specifically, 76 percent of millennials would consider joining a fee-based rewards program from a favorite brand, compared to 61 percent of Gen Xers and 48 percent of Boomers.

Written by Lauren Brousell15 July 15 03:11

Inside the murky world of 'social media influencers'

Marketing via "influencers" used to mostly mean professional athletes pitching expensive shoes or supermodels selling slick sports cars. Today, some brands put products in the hands of "Internet influencers," many of whom have even larger audiences and more reach than the brands.

Written by Lauren Brousell10 July 15 01:52

Attracting millennials starts with digital tech

The ways millennials use technology are changing how companies brand themselves to attract young talent. However, according to a new study from the CMO Council and Executive Networks, most marketing and HR leaders don't have brand strategies that align with millennial preferences.

Written by Lauren Brousell03 July 15 00:45

Millennials bring consumer shopping tactics to corporate buying

Millennials take a different approach than their Gen-X and Baby Boomer counterparts to many things, including social media use, work habits and communication. They're also shaking things up in the marketing world, according to a recent report from The Boston Consulting Group.

Written by Lauren Brousell06 June 15 00:37

Wearables Evolving to Combine Fashion and Function

The intersection of fashion and fitness is the new frontier of wearable technology, a panel of fashion designers and tech experts said at the FastA/W15 event during MADE Fashion Week in New York City.

Written by Lauren Brousell21 Feb. 15 06:50