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Stories by Juan Carlos Perez

New York Times plans to charge for some online access

The New York Times will start charging readers to access some of its Web site's content next year, hoping such a move will complement its online advertising revenue, it said on Wednesday.

Written by Juan Carlos Perez21 Jan. 10 06:12

Data portability: a lofty but challenging goal

It's hard to argue against data portability. After all, who could oppose giving people control over the data they load, publish and store on Web sites?

Written by Juan Carlos Perez18 Jan. 08 22:27

YouTube strikes video deals to dodge lawsuits

Google's YouTube signed a contract with the National Hockey League (NHL) to offer game highlights, the latest deal struck by the video sharing sensation as it attempts to stamp out pirated clips from its site and avoid copyright lawsuits.

Written by Juan Carlos Perez17 Nov. 06 10:48

Report: Google to pay $1 billion for AOL stake

Google Inc. is poised to pay US$1 billion for a 5 percent stake in Time Warner Inc.'s America Online Inc. unit, The Wall Street Journal reported Friday afternoon on its Web site, moments after also reporting that Google and AOL are in exclusive talks related to an advertising partnership.

Written by Juan Carlos Perez16 Dec. 05 19:15

Google tests pay per call ads

Google has begun testing pay-per-phone-call ads, an emerging online ad model that is a twist on the popular pay-per-click ads.

Written by Juan Carlos Perez29 Nov. 05 08:23

Vint Cerf on Google's challenges, aspirations

Internet pioneer Vint Cerf, Google's chief Internet evangelist, recently chatted with IDG News Service about a variety of topics related to the search giant. Cerf, considered one of the fathers of the Internet for his work as co-designer of TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol), talked about Google's current challenges, the mashups phenomenon of creating new applications by blending data and tools from multiple Web sites, the Google Book Search controversy and the company's aspirations in the enterprise space. Below is an edited transcript of the conversation.

Written by Juan Carlos Perez25 Nov. 05 10:30

Google's seven-year itch

Google's stock price recently topped US$400 per share. Online advertising, its main source of revenue, is expected to continue growing by leaps and bounds for the foreseeable future. Within online advertising, Google is a leader in the market's largest segment: paid search. Titans like Microsoft and Yahoo have significantly adapted and changed their business and technology strategies based on Google's moves. To boot, Google has the resources to steal Internet luminaries like Vint Cerf from competitors. Clearly, Google is invincible. Right?

Written by Juan Carlos Perez25 Nov. 05 08:30

Google aims for corporate IT

The first thought that comes to mind when one hears the name Google isn't exactly "enterprise IT vendor."

Written by Juan Carlos Perez25 Nov. 05 08:29

EBay tops earnings and revenue expectations in Q2

EBay Inc. exceeded Wall Street's revenue and earnings expectations in its 2005 second quarter, ended June 30, helped by strong performance in the U.S. and Germany and in its PayPal unit, the San Jose, California, online marketplace said Wednesday.

Written by Juan Carlos Perez20 July 05 20:52

News Corp. to broaden Net presence with Intermix buy

Massive media conglomerate News Corp. will spend over half a billion dollars to increase its Internet presence with the purchase of Intermix Media, a company with a network of Web sites devoted to entertainment, gaming and social networking.

Written by Juan Carlos Perez20 July 05 08:00

Who's your buddy?

Send a robot to do a marketer's job? CMOs may be forgiven for raising a skeptical eyebrow. After all, who would want prissy C3PO marketing their company's products or services?

Written by Juan Carlos Perez01 July 05 20:12

Gartner: Security concerns to stunt e-commerce growth

Security concerns are eroding Internet users' confidence and having such a chilling effect on their online behavior that U.S. business-to-consumer sales will grow more slowly than expected in coming years, Gartner Inc. warned this week.

Written by Juan Carlos Perez24 June 05 20:18

Analysis: The battle for the blogosphere

Until recently, most providers of blogging software and services were relatively small startup companies, but now big-footed competitors are joining them, changing the dynamics and philosophies of the so-called blogosphere.
As heavy entrants such as Microsoft stomp into blogging with groundshaking steps, the question is whether the changes they are bringing will be benefitial or detrimental to the market.

Written by Juan Carlos Perez30 May 05 22:00

EBay tops earnings, revenue expectations in Q1

EBay Inc. exceeded Wall Street analysts' earnings and net revenue expectations in its first quarter of 2005, helped by an increase in its online marketplace's active users and gross merchandise volume, as well as growth in the number of accounts and payments in its PayPal unit.

Written by Juan Carlos Perez20 April 05 21:07