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Stories by Jeff Vance

10 hot hybrid-cloud startups to watch

With few enterprises using purely private or purely public cloud infrastructure, a range of startups has emerged to meet unique hybrid-cloud needs for management, storage and virtualisation

Written by Jeff Vance19 Sept. 18 05:48

10 Hot Internet of Things Startups

As Internet connectivity gets embedded into everything from baby monitors to industrial sensors, investors, entrepreneurs and engineers are rushing to cash in. According to Gartner, Internet of Things (IoT) vendors will earn more than $309 billion by 2020. However, most of those earnings will come from services.

Written by Jeff Vance05 Sept. 14 04:19

In pictures: 20 top Android and iOS productivity apps for 2014

Now that the holidays are over, reality has set in and you probably have a resolution or two to live up to. If any of your resolutions are along the lines of "be more efficient at work" or "find ways to boost productivity," you're in luck. These apps will help you meet and even exceed your work-related resolutions in 2014.

Written by Jeff Vance22 Jan. 14 08:48

Will tech industry ever fix passwords?

After the recent security breach that hit professional social networking site LinkedIn, social media companies are scrambling to patch over their poor security practices. Wait too long to address known security holes, and CIOs should worry about seeing their companies targeted, hacked and eventually vilified in the press.

Written by Jeff Vance16 July 12 20:32

5 Key Interop 2012 Takeaways for CIOs

Big trade shows like Interop can be confusing. So many vendors, so much noise, so much spin, so little clarity. Searching for technology trends among the tchochke seekers, spokes-models and aggressive PR reps can feel like a hopeless task.

Written by Jeff Vance15 May 12 22:00