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Stories by Jared Newman

Apple Watch vs. Android Wear: A reality check

Before Apple announced its first smartwatch on Tuesday, some tech pundits were convinced that Apple would reimagine wearable technology in a way that no other smartwatches have. Some wondered whether the final product would resemble a watch at all, or even have a screen.

Written by Jared Newman11 Sept. 14 01:53

In the wake of NSA spying, Yahoo promises encryption everywhere

Yahoo is amping up its encryption efforts to keep its data out of view from the government's prying eyes. The move comes after allegations that the National Security Agency has been spying on Yahoo and other tech companies without their knowledge.

Written by Jared Newman18 Nov. 13 19:43

MegaUpload users look into suing US over lost files

When the U.S. Department of Justice shut down MegaUpload and sued its operators for copyright infringement last week, users who were storing files legally on the site became collateral damage. Now, some of them are looking to sue the government over lost data, TorrentFreak reports.

Written by Jared Newman25 Jan. 12 22:00

SOPA and PIPA: Just the Facts

The Stop Online Piracy Act and the Protect IP Act are getting more negative attention, as major websites such as <a href="http://www.pcworld.com/article/248274/wikipedia_other_sites_to_protest_antipiracy_bills_with_blackouts.html">Wikipedia plan to protest the bills</a> with blackouts on Wednesday. Even Google will join the action, with a link on its homepage explaining why the company opposes the legislation.

Written by Jared Newman19 Jan. 12 01:31

What smartphones will be like in 2012

Since the advent of the first modern smartphone--arguably the original Apple iPhone in 2007--the power of these mobile computing devices that also happen to make phone calls has advanced by leaps and bounds.

Written by Jared Newman12 Nov. 11 01:31

Facebook and users who prefer to stay more private

With Facebook's new Timelines and Open Graph apps, CEO Mark Zuckerberg has advanced his vision of a world that loves to share. Profile pages will soon summarise your life's history, and apps are now able to feed a steady stream of activity to friends and followers automatically.

Written by Jared Newman25 Sept. 11 22:00