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Stories by Jennifer O'Brien

CIOs need to ‘work the problem’: IDC global chief

IDC’s global vice-president and IT executive advisor, Joseph Pucciarelli is a plane crash survivor - a fact not many people know - and a story he references to inspire today’s tech leaders about the need to take risks and the importance of ‘working the problem.’

Written by Jennifer O'Brien21 Aug. 19 13:40

Analysts react to Salesforce Tableau grab

In what will be the largest acquisition in Salesforce history, “the move is not a big surprise,” according to Forrester VP and principal analyst Liz Herbert, speaking about the US $15.7 billion acquisition of analytics platform vendor Tableau.

Written by Jennifer O'Brien11 June 19 14:16

Bale crowned EnergyAustralia CIO

Latitude Financial Services’ CIO Julie Bale has been named EnergyAustralia CIO, replacing Anne Weatherston who'd been in the role since 2015.

Written by Jennifer O'Brien04 June 19 10:43

Why an AIibaba chief scientist says we shouldn't fear AI

Alibaba’s chief scientist and associate dean of machine intelligence and technology, Xiaofeng Ren, dispels the doomsday scenario that artificial intelligence (AI) will replace humans, but instead insists it will provide useful and practical services.

Written by Jennifer O'Brien17 May 18 11:22

Veteran CIO Peter Nevin shares lessons learned on digital

When pursuing a digital strategy, combine what you see in technology with the business outcomes - link that back to the organisation and vigorously communicate the message. That’s one of the lessons learned by 25-year CIO veteran, Peter Nevin, who talked about digital leadership roles and their hidden complexity at the CIO Summit in Sydney.

Written by Jennifer O'Brien31 Aug. 17 12:46

‘Helping clients avoid becoming corporate dodos’: IBM’s Chris Howard

IBM ANZ’s CTO of digital strategy Chris Howard admits he likes to get his “hands dirty” when it comes to IT, and also likes a good challenge. He has been "passionate about innovative technology” for the past 20 years, and now, more than ever, as head of digital strategy at Big Blue.

Written by Jennifer O'Brien28 June 17 08:58

ABC crowns Helen Clifton to new chief digital role

​ABC has appointed Helen Clifton to the new role of chief digital and information officer, a role considered "vital to the future development of the ABC," according to managing director Michelle Guthrie.

Written by Jennifer O'Brien17 May 17 11:00

5 IT roles needed in ‘robotic revolution’: Hays

​The growing reliance on workplace robots in business today has sparked demand for ‘robot creators,’ IT professionals with niche skills and qualifications, according to recruitment firm Hays.

Written by Jennifer O'Brien19 April 17 15:00

ISPs could sell your browsing history: Aussie expert weighs in on US proposal

​If the US green lights legislative proposals to empower ISPs to freely disseminate a consumer’s personal information- and even sell your web browsing history - it could potentially open doors to new markets and revenue streams, according to the head of the Internet Association of Australia (IAA).

Written by Jennifer O'Brien12 April 17 11:43