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Stories by By Laurie Clarke

How Dynatrace is instrumental to the Royal Caribbean customer journey

Royal Caribbean is known as an innovator within the cruise liner industry - boasting the first robot bartenders, onboard skydiving and onboard surf simulators - but it is not a technology company, and like most modern travel companies it relies on seamless technology and web-booking as a key differentiator.

Written by By Laurie Clarke02 Feb. 19 00:49

Blockchain and cryptocurrency trends for 2019

Ten years ago, in 2008, shortly following the cataclysmic subprime mortgage crash, for some a beam of hope shone out: the promise of a completely decentralised monetary system, distinct from the irrationalities of the market and the destructive tendencies of government and banks 'too big to fail'. The insurgent idea, leaked quietly onto niche internet forums, was of course, bitcoin.

Written by By Laurie Clarke08 Jan. 19 03:10