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Stories by J.M. Porup

How a bank got hacked

Phineas Phisher claims to have netted hundreds of thousands of pounds sterling in a 2016 hack of the Cayman National Isle of Man Bank.

Written by J.M. Porup20 Nov. 19 07:16

Black Hat keynote: Why security culture needs to change

Dino Dai Zovi tells Black Hat audience to embrace a culture where security is everyone's job and risks are shared. Automation with feedback loops also key to solving security challenges at scale

Written by J.M. Porup08 Aug. 19 20:31

Don't abandon that domain name

Letting old domain names expire might save a few bucks a year, but lets attackers register your old domain and pretend to be you.

Written by J.M. Porup28 Aug. 18 18:29

What are deepfakes? How and why they work

Deepfakes swap celebrities' faces into porn videos and put words in politicians' mouths, but they could do a lot worse.

Written by J.M. Porup01 Aug. 18 19:55