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Stories by By Scott Carey

After nine years, Bill McDermott is stepping down as SAP CEO

SAP has announced that CEO Bill McDermott will not be renewing his contract and will be stepping down as the CEO of SAP after a nine year tenure, with Christian Klein and Jennifer Morgan taking over, making Morgan the first ever female (co) SAP CEO.

Written by By Scott Carey14 Oct. 19 09:30

The Complete Guide to Quantum Computing

Despite the title of this report, this is anything but a ‘complete guide’ to quantum computing considering that the technology is notoriously hard to comprehend, even for top academics in the field.

Written by By Scott Carey18 June 19 02:45

Why the US tech giants are uninterested in getting into open banking

US tech giants Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Google - or FAANG as they are collectively known - have shown little appetite to jump into the UK's financial services market under new open banking rules, according to the Implementation Trustee for Open Banking, Imran Gulamhuseinwala.

Written by By Scott Carey02 May 19 23:17

How the Bank of England is modernising its systems for the future

The Bank of England is looking to modernise its technology platform to open up its payments infrastructure to smaller fintech players, better manage the proliferation of data, and leverage advanced automation and AI techniques.

Written by By Scott Carey02 May 19 00:08

What customers need to know about Chef's 100% open source commitment

Software automation specialist Chef is committing 100 percent of its technology to open source, and is changing the way it goes to market in a bid to focus on large enterprise customers. Here's what customers need to know about the changes.

Written by By Scott Carey04 April 19 01:33

How the Bank of England redesigned its data hub around open source

The Bank of England has drastically changed how it collects and analyses fast-growing data sets over the past few years, adopting enterprise versions of open source technologies to help it modernise its architecture.

Written by By Scott Carey27 March 19 07:10

How Fourpure disrupted craft beer with a modern approach to IT

Located in the middle of an industrial park at the end of the self-styled Bermondsey beer mile in south east London, Fourpure has quickly become one of the best known craft breweries in a city where there is no shortage of competition.

Written by By Scott Carey29 Jan. 19 04:15

Lloyds set to gamble on UK startup's cloud-native core banking platform

Lloyds Banking Group is pushing forward with a bold plan to migrate selected customers to a new cloud-native core banking platform developed by a small London-based startup called Thought Machine - so what does Thought Machine do and how risky is this move?

Written by By Scott Carey29 Jan. 19 01:03