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Stories by Bruce Harpham

6 ERP trends for 2018

Organisations are ditching side books and upping compliance audits while exploring the impact AI, blockchain and augmented reality will have on their enterprise resource planning systems.

Written by Bruce Harpham04 July 18 09:17

8 IT management productivity killers

From neglecting to prioritize key strategic initiatives to failing to adjust project estimates, weak IT management practices are threatening IT’s ability to get the job done.

Written by Bruce Harpham02 April 18 20:00

The 8 most common IT training mistakes

Poor training can sink a technical implementation, derail a digital transformation or leave you scrambling to fill gaps when employees leave. Here’s how to structure you training practices for practical success.

Written by Bruce Harpham23 Jan. 18 22:00

8 ways you’re failing at change management

Technical transformations are all too often derailed by poor change management. Here’s how to map out and execute a smooth, successful transition.

Written by Bruce Harpham03 Jan. 18 22:00

9 ways you’re failing at business intelligence

Solid business intelligence is essential to making strategic business decisions, but for many organizations, BI efforts are derailed by poor data practices, tactical mistakes and more.

Written by Bruce Harpham21 Nov. 17 22:00

10 signs your CRM system needs an overhaul

Poor data quality, broken add-ons, and ineffective integrations are just a few of the tell-tale signs that you may need to refresh your CRM system — or scrap it altogether and start anew.

Written by Bruce Harpham13 Sept. 17 20:00

10 early warning signs of ERP disaster

Enterprise resource planning systems reap business efficiency by tying together disparate systems and services. But an ERP implementation can quickly unravel into disaster if you don’t heed these early warning signs.

Written by Bruce Harpham15 Aug. 17 20:00

10 ways you’re failing at IT audits

IT audits can feel like a grim nuisance, but great value awaits those who heed these common mistakes that inevitably lead to an IT audit disaster.

Written by Bruce Harpham05 July 17 20:00

Best practices in hardware asset management

Several trends are drawing increasing attention to hardware asset management, which begs the question: Do you know where your computers are?

Written by Bruce Harpham02 June 16 00:33

Is outsourcing IT worth the compliance risk?

While the feds have certainly put hurdles in place to prevent abuse, outsourcing IT in a highly regulated industry like banking may very well lead to higher standards and quality outcomes.

Written by Bruce Harpham30 March 16 21:55

How the CIOs of 4 Fortune 500 companies got their jobs

CIOs of Microsoft, Verizon, AT&T and United Technologies share how they reached the CIO office. Your mission: Study their experience and learn how to follow in their footsteps.

Written by Bruce Harpham13 Oct. 15 15:55