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Stories by Sharon Florentine

5 ways to spot a phishing email

Think you're clever enough to recognize a phishing attempt? Think again. Cybercriminals are getting smarter and their phishing skills are getting better ,but we've together this list of clues to help you avoid a costly error.

Written by Sharon Florentine22 Feb. 17 21:33

Why happy developers equal happy customers

A company's greatest competitive advantage is its ability to deliver a great customer experience. And that starts with a happy software development team.

Written by Sharon Florentine16 Feb. 17 22:49

Millennials can thrive by adding mainframe skills

Mainframe technology continues to play a vital role in IT, and as baby boomers leave the workplace companies are turning to millennials to drive innovation on legacy systems.

Written by Sharon Florentine07 Feb. 17 21:25

CIOs list the top hiring priorities for 2017

According to new research from Robert Half Technology, 2017 will remain a ‘stable’ hiring environment, with a focus on security and upgrades to existing IT systems and infrastructure.

Written by Sharon Florentine31 Jan. 17 21:50

5 ways to recruit more women in 2017

Recruiting and retaining women in your organization starts with asking what's really important to them and then following through to make sure they get it.

Written by Sharon Florentine18 Jan. 17 21:19

5 tips to stay ahead of ransomware threats

Ransomware is on the rise and promises to be an even bigger threat in 2017. Here are five ways to protect against attacks.

Written by Sharon Florentine13 Dec. 16 20:00

6 tips for negotiating a better executive IT offer

Negotiating a compensation package is nerve-wracking for anyone, but as an executive, there are additional complexities. Here's how to get it right.

Written by Sharon Florentine05 Dec. 16 22:18

2017 security predictions

If you thought 2016 was bad, fasten your seat belts -- next year is going to be even worse.

Written by Sharon Florentine01 Dec. 16 00:11

How to crack the coding challenge

Coding interviews are nerve-wracking, even for programmers with a computer science or engineering degree. They are e even scarier if you're a self-taught programmer. But using blind coding challenges can help boost your performance and even the odds.

Written by Sharon Florentine09 Nov. 16 00:27

Battling gender bias in IT

You can’t aspire to be what you can’t see. To get more women into IT careers, girls and young women will need role models, mentors and public examples of success.

Written by Sharon Florentine03 Nov. 16 21:45

How to improve your odds of landing great talent

New research shows that only one out of every 100 candidates is hired in today's employment market. But there are some ways you can improve your chances of finding great talent.

Written by Sharon Florentine18 Oct. 16 21:00

Do you need a digital brand manager?

A new research report shows that the role of digital brand manager is increasingly important for today's IT organizations. But what is a digital brand manager and why do you need one?

Written by Sharon Florentine13 Oct. 16 23:21