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Stories by Bradley de Souza

The 7 deadly signs of a less developed company

Millennials are the canaries in the coal mine - unlike previous generations, they have been taught to have a low tolerance for toxic behaviour and to keep their expectations high.

Written by Bradley de Souza04 Nov. 19 06:30

The AI fad that is fooling everyone

How less developed companies are falling for the AI fad so they can persuade others that they are innovating

Written by Bradley de Souza26 Sept. 18 06:30

What science, medicine and nature can teach us about transformation

In the natural world, success depends on a species ability to quickly adapt to changing conditions. Successful adaptations are incorporated and unsuccessful ones are either suppressed or ejected from the gene pool. Bradley de Souza takes this approach to the business world.

Written by Bradley de Souza19 Oct. 16 08:00

Agility comes with maturity

The Agile approach is ideal for small projects in small organisations but when larger scale is required, the model needs to be adjusted to be effective.

Written by Bradley de Souza25 Nov. 15 06:30

CIO Upfront: Enterprise architecture and the legacy system conundrum

How do you turn a slum into a modern town or city without moving the current residents and by causing a minimal amount of disruption? Bradley de Souza says the challenge of urban renewal is an apt analogy for enterprise architecture.

Written by Bradley de Souza14 Jan. 15 06:00

Leadership is demonstrated, not measured

Bradley de Souza calls for an end to the current 'leadership by numbers' obsession - and why failing a leadership exam isn’t always the worst outcome.

Written by Bradley de Souza21 Oct. 14 07:30

Words of wisdom from a serial outsourcer

Focus on risk and reward. In some cases, using two partners in tandem can create positive competitive tension.

Written by Bradley de Souza16 June 14 05:00

Confessions of a 'recovery professional'

A CIO said I was like the guy who turned up the day after hurricane Katrina -- I come in when technology transformations fail.

Written by Bradley de Souza13 May 13 14:25

Is one enough - what next for New Zealand's internet connectivity?

New Zealand is connected to the internet via a single undersea cable. Unlike a typical point-to-point cable, the New Zealand cable circles a route passing through Muriwai and Auckland in a fibre ring. If the cable is cut, the data travels in the opposite direction and goes the long way around. The diverse routing provides greater resiliency in the event of a physical failure.
There's been a lot of debate about the requirement for another undersea cable. The reasons given are 1) to eliminate the present supplier monopoly 2) to mitigate the risk of partial/total service failure and 3) to cope with the increase in demand for IP services.

Written by Bradley de Souza29 Sept. 12 22:00

Into Cloud 2.0

Gartner defines Cloud 1.0 as “a style of computing in which scalable and elastic IT-enabled capabilities are delivered as a service to external customers using internet technologies”. However, Gartner’s definition is more appropriate for Cloud 2.0 as opposed to Cloud 1.0.
Amazon’s S3 (Simple Storage Service) is a good example of a Cloud 1.0 proposition where the focus is on highly reliable, scalable storage with a robust security layer, limited to a customer specified region, for example Europe.

Written by Bradley de Souza06 Feb. 12 22:00